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Please note: Menu has been changed we will have updated items and prices posted soon. Thank you
Our Kettle Made Soups

Baked French Onion Gruyere
Beef, Beer & Sausage Chili with Corn Oysters        
Kettle Made Soup of the Day
Quahog Chowder, Trenton Oyster Crackers



Pug House Salad
Garden Greens with Tomatoes, Red Onions, Granny Smith Apple, Croutons and Crumbled English Bleu Cheese Tossed with Our House Dressing.
Very Large 9.99  ~  Regular 6.99  ~  Mini Pug 3.99

Chopped Salad with English Bleu
An Old Steak House Favorite of Assorted Fresh Veggies Tossed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, English Bleu Cheese and Red Wine Vinegar, Served over Romaine Lettuce with Croutons and Cracked Black Pepper.
Large 9.99  ~  Small 6.99

Corner Pug Cobb Salad
A California classic with crisp greens topped with roasted chicken, avocado, bleu cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, green onions, tomatoes and hard boiled egg.  Served with a dijon
garlic lemon vinaigrette  ~  9.99

Sensational Salad Add Ons
Grilled Chicken 3.29  ~  Grilled Steak* 4.99 ~ Grilled Shrimp 4.99  ~  Grilled Salmon Fillet 4.99



Mini Caesar Salad   3.99

Garlic Mashed Potato   3.99

Fried Tomatoes   3.99

Fresh Baked Bread & Butter   1.99

Onion Rings   4.99

Mac & Cheese   4.99

“Three Cheese” Garlic Bread   4.99

Creamed Spinach   3.99

Asparagus   4.99

Sauteed Mushrooms   2.99

Risi Bisi   2.99

Pug Fries   3.99

Start Me Up....

Traditional Buffalo Style Chicken Wings
Half Dozen 5.99  1 Dozen 9.99

or try our Garlic herb, Spicy Asian or Bourbon BBQ Wings

Big Boneless Buffalo Tenders
-With Bleu Cheese Dressing, Celery and
Carrot Sticks.   6.99

Steamed Mussels
In White Wine, Sweet Butter and Garlic.   9.99

Bass Ale Batter Onion Rings

Maryland Crab Cake
With Crisp Greens & Remoulade Sauce.   8.99

Chicken Skewers
Served with Choice of Two of the Following Dressings and
Sauces - Smoky BBQ, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Bleu
Cheese or Buffalo Wing Sauce. (Additional Sauces .99)

Cajun Chicken Quesadilla
With Roasted Peppers, Jalapenos, Jack Cheese and
Scallions in Tortilla with Salsa and Sour Cream.   8.99


Homemade Kettle Potato Chips

Barbecue Style Homemade Kettle
Chips-Cooked To Order Kettle Potato Chips
- With English Bleu Cheese Dipping Sauce.

Fried Calamari
With Old Bay Aioli or Marinara Sauce.   8.99

“Three Cheese” Garlic Bread
Asiago, Cheddar & Mozzarella.   4.99

Pug Fries
Topped with Bacon and Cheese.   6.99

Irish Nachos
Crispy Cottage Fries with Beef, Beer and
Sausage Chili, Cheddar Cheese, Tomatoes,
Scallions and Cherry Peppers.   9.99



Burger served with Pug cross cut fries.
Not in the mood for beef?  We'll gladly substitute a boneless chicken breast.


Mac's Big Burger
Seasoned Char Broiled 1/2 Lb. Sirloin Burger Served on a Kaiser Roll with Lettuce, Tomato
& Red Onion   7.99

Mac’s Grilled Chicken Breast
Served on a Kaiser Roll with Lettuce, Tomato and Red Onion   7.99

Add Swiss, Cheddar, American or Bleu Cheese .79
Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions 1.99
Smoked Apple Wood Bacon 1.79

Knife & Fork Irish Nacho Burger*
Mac's big burger served open faced and topped with our Beef, Beer and Sausage Chili,
melted monterey jack cheese, hot cherry peppers and chopped scallions.  Fasten
your seat belt!   10.99

Blackened Cajun Burger*
1/2 lb. Angus burger blackened with Cajun spices and topped with roasted peppers, onions
and a thick deep fried tomato slice. 
Let the good times roll.   9.59

Philly Cheeseburger*
Grilled over an open fire and topped with caramelized onions, button
mushrooms and creamy cheddar cheese sauce.   9.59

BBQ & Port Wine Cheddar Bacon Burger*
What else can we say?  Our 1/2 lb. burger basted with BBQ sauce and topped with savory
port wine cheddar and crispy hickory smoked bacon.   10.59

Zen Burger*
Homemade veggie burger served on a multi-grain roll with romaine lettuce, Bermuda onion
and pesto mayonnaise. Ommm.   8.59

 Steaks & Chops

Served with a bundle of asparagus, Pug fries or garlic mashed potatoes.
Add a Mini Pug Salad for 2.99


12 Oz. Organic Strip Steak*
Grass fed and delicious   24.99
Steak Roquefort   25.99
Au Poivre   25.99

10 Oz. Hanger Steak*
"The Butcher's Tenderloin."
Grilled tender and tasty   16.99



Double Cut Pork Chop*
Center cut Frenched loin chop
.   16.99

Monday & Tuesday Special
~ 16 Oz. Prime Rib Dinner ~
Cooked to perfection.  Served with au jus,
mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and
accompanied by horseradish
cream sauce.   18.99

Corner Classics
Sandwiches served with Pug Cross Cut Fries.

Chicken Cubano
Smoked Chicken Breast, Spicy Ham and Monterey Jack
Cheese Toasted between Rustic Bread with a Cilantro-Jalapeno
Pesto.   8.99

Mesquite Grilled Fajitas
Mojo Marinated Grilled Chicken with Sweet Caramelized
Onions and Poblano Peppers.  Served with Warm Masa Tortillas,
Sour Cream, Guacamole, Salsa and Rice.   13.99

Grilled Steak Fajitas   15.99
Steak & Chicken Combo   14.99

Grilled Portabello Sandwich
Grilled “Filets” of Portabello Mushrooms, Eggplant and Zucchini
broiled on a Baguette with Roasted Tomato Mayonnaise
and Provolone.   8.99

Mac & Cheese
Penne Baked in a Cheddar, Gruyere and Swiss Cheese Sauce
Topped with Fresh Buttered Bread Crumbs and Baked Au Gratin
Served with Garlic Bread & Your Choice of a Mini Pug or Mini
Caesar Salad.   12.99

Grilled Reuben
This Pug Classic of Corned Beef, Swiss Cheese and Sauerkraut
Grilled on Rye with Russian Dressing.   8.99



The French Dip
Juicy Roasted Beef, Sliced Thin and Piled High on a Toasted
Club Roll, served with a Crock of Au Jus for your
Dipping Pleasure.   8.99

Roasted Vegetable Platter
We Roast Fresh Assorted Vegetables to bring out their natural
sweetness & flavor.  Served with a Brown Basmati-Wild Rice
Pilaf and finished with a Drizzle of White Truffle Oil, Cracked
Black Pepper and Fresh Grated Parmesan.   12.99

Add Grilled Chicken Breast   15.99
Salmon Filet   16.99
Shrimp   18.99

Nicky's Centerport Steak Sandwich Platter
Grilled Marinated Skirt Steak, thinly sliced and piled high on
Garlic Bread.  Served with Deep Fried Tomato and
Ale Battered Onion Rings.   15.95

Pulled Pork Press
Very slowly roasted pork shoulder, shredded and piled high on
a baguette with spicy ham and monterey jack cheese.
Pressed and toasted on our flat top grill.   9.99


Served with Fresh Baked Bread & Butter.
Add a Mini Pug Salad for 2.99


Shepherd's Pie
Braised Beef and Fresh Vegetables in Burgundy Gravy, Baked under a Crust of Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes

Fish N' Chips
Cold Water Fish Filet, Deep Fried in Bass Ale Batter, Served on a Bed of Pug Fries with Malt Vinegar, Tartar Sauce and Lemon Wedge   12.99

Chicken Pot Pie
Poached Chicken, Supreme Sauce, Peas, Carrots and Yukon Gold Potatoes, Baked Deep Dish topped with a Cornmeal Puff Pastry
.   13.99

Shrimp Scampi Linguine
Jumbo Gulf white shrimp sauteed with Applewood Smoked Bacon, diced bell peppers, fresh garlic and sweet butter
.  Tossed with linguine and parmesan cheese.   18.99

Crab Crusted Atlantic Salmon
Pan seared fillet topped with a blue crab and buttered crumb crust.  Baked crispy on the outside, sweet and moist on the inside.  Served with a bundle of asparagus spears and an arborio cracked wheat pilaf.   17.99



Served with Fresh Baked Bread and Butter.
Add a Mini Pug Salad for 2.99


Yankee Pot Roast
Tender round of beef braised with fresh vegetables, red wine and aromatic herbs.  Served with a rich brown gravy, roasted potatoes and a vegetable medley.   14.99

Herb Roasted Half Chicken
Oven roasted every afternoon.  When they're gon, they're gone!  Served semi-boneless with pan gravy, garlic mashed potatoes and tonight's vegetable.   13.99

Blue Plate Meatloaf Platter
A Blend of Beef, Pork and Veal, Baked with Choice Spices and Sauteed Vegetables.  Served with Mushrom Madeira Sauce
.   12.95

Chicken Mushroom Marsala
Tender scallopini sauteed in olive oil with mushrooms.  Deglazed with marsala wine and finished with demi-glace and sweet butter.  Served over fettuccine
.   14.99

St. Louis Ribs with Grilled Chicken
Meaty Ribs, Juicy Chicken Breast Slathered in Our Honey-Whiskey BBQ Sauce.   17.99


1046 New Britain Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06110     TEL: 860-231-0241      FAX: 860-231-0358

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